Anna & John – Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

When Anna & John first hinted about taking me to Costa Rica with them to shoot their wedding I was excited to say the least. At the time I didn’t realize all that would be necessary to make it happen. I had already been booked to shoot in the Dominican for Sheila & Mike, and knew there wouldn’t be enough time to return back to Calgary before heading south again. Instead, I hopped on a plane that connected through Panama & dropped me off at an awaiting shuttle bus at the airport in San Jose. Although my driver didn’t speak more than a dozen words in english, he proved to be an outstanding spanish tutor. By the time I got to the resort it was dark and pouring rain. Nothing quite prepared me for the resort (Villa Caletas for those of you interested) – as it is perched, and I mean ‘perched’, on the spine of a mountain overlooking the ocean. It is a spectacular boutique hotel and made for a perfect setting for the wedding. I had an amazing week and look forward to getting back to Costa Rica soon!


4 thoughts on “Anna & John – Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

  1. Mark,
    Your pictures truly reflect your creativity and eye for beauty. These pictures not only capture an incredible Wedding, but also the true essence of two beutiful people as they became husband and wife.
    Thank you for sharing these spectacular shots and makes me wish I would have had a Mark taking my Wedding pictures!

  2. Simple spectacular – what gorgeous, rich shots – so varied, elegant and filled with joy…

    You are an amazing photographer!

    (Of course it helped to have such gorgeous model talent – Anna and John look like they have stepped out of Tatler!)

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