Aneta & Terry – The amazing Millarville Wedding

Aneta & Terry. Oh, Aneta & Terry – you guys really rocked my world! We had so much fun during their engagement session that it was pretty much a given it would be at least as good on their wedding day. As it turned out, it was far far better than I could’ve imagined. From the moment I met up with Aneta, her family, and her girlfriends at her parents beautiful home I knew it would be a day to remember. Not long after, Terry and his boys showed up and were put through their paces with some fun and games. We headed south to a church just outside Okotoks, stopping long enough to visit some friends of mine who have a fantastic acreage near Millarville. After the ceremony and the family portraits, we took off to couple places I’d scouted earlier, and ended up at the historic Millarville Community Hall for the reception. Between the Polish family and East Coasters from Terry’s side, it was tough to pull myself away at the end of the night. A&T thank you – simply, thank you!


2 thoughts on “Aneta & Terry – The amazing Millarville Wedding

  1. Wow, all we can say is Wow. Absolutely fabulous.
    We were neighbors of the Groom as he was growing up.
    Such pride to see the wonderful man he is and such a beautiful bride he wed.

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful both of you, your love for each other is glowing around you:)…may that same Love stay with you always:) Congratulations.

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