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Andrea & Lance – A beautiful wedding in Banff

On a gorgeous, yet ‘somewhat’, windy Saturday in Banff I got to spend the day with Andrea & Lance. They held their wedding at one of my favourite places in the town – on the terraced area next to Buffalo Mountain Lodge. The scenery, rich blue sky, and warm hues of the early fall grasses made a great setting for their wedding. The wind tossed some chairs around and put the hairspray to the test, but really only added to the experience. Thank you A&L – for your trust, patience, and being so easy on the lens!

Jill & Adam – Sand in the wedding shoes

Jill & Adam – what’s to say? I was excited when they first contacted me about shooting their wedding. I was really excited when they mentioned it might be taking place in California. Who doesn’t love to travel? I was in awe of how much fun these two are – obvious from the first time I had a camera out for a shoot with them during Stampede. I’ve known Jill and her family for the better part of half my life and have known Adam for just over a year. Suffice to say they’re both cut from the same cloth – amazing people with incredible friends & families. I’m already looking forward to what the future holds for these two. And without further delay, the pictures…

Bridget & Minh – Calgary Summer Wedding

A collection of pictures from the wedding I shot for Bridget & Minh this summer. It was such an amazing day, needless to say I had a blast!

Lauren & Eric – Engagement session

A few from the esession I did with Lauren & Eric the other week – I loved the killer threads brought out for the shoot!

Aneta & Terry – In the aisle

Okay, so this is really just a teaser for the rest of the teasers, but I had to post it hot out of the camera (the flash card is literally still warm). Had an incredible time with Aneta & Terry ┬átoday and during our meetings the other week he hinted at wanting to hit Safeway for a shot because he and Aneta used to date there. It’s a long story. I’ll have the full collection up soon, but for now, just this one…

Bobbi & Travis – Emerald Lake

This summer I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot two weddings at Emerald Lake. The best part is that they were only two days apart! I absolutely love that area, and every time I drive through there I find something new and interesting. Even on the way down the hill from Lake Louise I found an amazing train tunnel I’d never seen before. Lucky for me, Bobbi & Travis were up for everything I threw at them – such a great duo and unbelievably fun to work with!

Sheila & Mike – Next stop Dominican!

A few sneaks from the engagement session I did with Sheila & Mike. We had a blast wandering around Inglewood on a warm summer evening. They are such a fun couple to shoot, I know we’re going to have an amazing time at their destination wedding.