Angie & Jeff – The Wedding Sneaks

The other weekend I spent the day with Angie & Jeff. We had done a really fun engagement session earlier in the summer, so I knew it was going to be no different at their wedding. I arrived early on Saturday morning to a house full of excited family members buzzing with energy and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride & groom. After a beautiful tea ceremony, we made our way out into the city to do some fun shots with the bridal party. The rain came and went but still allowed us to explore some great spots I had scouted the week earlier. As we returned to the Glencoe Golf Course, the clouds opened up and did their best to spoil an outdoor ceremony. Mere minutes after the staff rushed to set things up inside, the clouds parted and the sun came out. As you can see from the ceremony shots it turned out to be a spectacular day. Thank you Angie & Jeff!


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