Jill & Adam – A Stampede Engagement

Jill is pretty much like a sister to me. Her older brother and I were very close friends for many years, and I even had the pleasure of chauffeuring Jill to high school a ‘few’ years back. So, when I heard she was getting married I couldn’t wait to meet her fiancee Adam and find out what they had in mind. As it turned out, I sat at a table with them at Andrea & PD’s wedding in the fall and got a great preview of how much infectious energy they have as a couple. Fast forward a few months and we starting discussing the possibility of doing an engagement shoot with a western Stampede flair. Even though the clouds were towering above us, we had the perfect window to work with, and having the Stampede grounds as a backdrop was a rare treat. This was one of those shoots where I was much more of a spectator than a director, just enjoying the incredible ride!This was one engagement session I couldn’t wait to shoot – thank you Jill & Adam, you guys amaze me!


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