Angie & Jeff – Esession on a summer evening

The other week I met up with Angie & Jeff to do their engagement session downtown. I had picked out a few spots that I’d always wanted to shoot and they were more than game to check them out. The first spot I had in mind had changed, but I still love the punch of colour that wouldn’t have been there if it was only a week earlier.
After a few shots at the first location I dragged them into a back alley that was just full of character. As often happens, we ran into a few onlookers who always seem to get a kick out of watching a photo shoot in progress. For a change of scenery we decided to head off to a park I know where the late sun of the day bathes the whole area in a surreal warm light. There also happened to be this old bus parked not far away that made for some fun shots.
I could hear some Stones music coming from their car as they pulled up which jogged my memory about a spot I’d come across just recently that would be particularly appropriate. Although we were there for only a few minutes right at the end of the shoot, this was probably my favourite from the night. Thank you again Angie & Jeff – I know your wedding day is going to be amazing!


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