Amanda & Omeed – Calgary Wedding Photography

When I first met Amanda & Omeed last year I had a great feeling that we would have fun at their wedding. This was confirmed when we met for the engagement session and even through it was only a few degrees above freezing they were more than game to do the kind of shots I would normally only shoot in the summer (and with Amanda in a gorgeous short green dress). When I arrived at the Sheraton in the morning the girls were in full prep mode – almost like stepping into a highly choreographed dance. Although I am somewhat used to this, every wedding has it’s own special energy and this day was no exception. The Sheraton Eau Claire downtown did a fantastic job of dressing up their convention room for the wedding ceremony and I had no problem moving around to get a diverse collection of images for the couple. Following the ceremony we took off to do some shots at the Saddledome. While there somebody asked why we would want to do pictures there, and I guess I really was asking for a bit of faith from the couple – I think the pictures can vouch for going to shoot at an unconventional location. Afterwards, we took off to do some pictures down by the river, even though it was just barely spring. I wanted to have a good collection of stuff for Amanda & Omeed, and it was nice to get outside on such a beautiful day. From there we stopped by my favourite red wall en route to the hotel to collect the family for some formals before heading into the reception. Again, the room was stunning – kudos to the staff for their hard work. I had a blast with this couple, some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Thank you Amanda & Omeed – it was a treat to spend the day with you both.


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