Erin & Keith – Photography of a Banff Wedding

Friday night somehow felt like Christmas eve. Kinda surprised me because, well, it’s May. It’s gorgeous outside, and my house doesn’t have the pine smell associated with December. I guess it was just the anticipation of what was planned for Saturday. If you’ve met me, you already know I love the mountains. Everything about them, it simply makes me smile to be out in them. Being so close to them works really well for me. Getting asked to shoot a wedding in Banff in May is just the icing on an already massive cake. Thank you to the supporting crew of Mike, Pam, Meadow & Bob – you guys did a fantastic job of keeping the day going smoothly. And, of course, a big thank you to Erin & Keith for placing your trust in me, and for letting me share your wedding day with you.


10 thoughts on “Erin & Keith – Photography of a Banff Wedding

  1. what beautiful photos! LOVE the one of Erin with the cement wall behind her! It was a gorgeous wedding in a gorgeous place…thanks for letting us share in it all!

  2. Love the photos and loved the day – thanks for sharing it with us. You make a beautiful couple – my fav shot is the close up of Erin looking at Keith (shadowed) — says it all. Cheers to a wonderful future together.

  3. Awesome Pics. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. Loved the entire weekend and Mark did an excellent job capturing the moment. Top of the line!!! B&G

  4. Lovely photo’s. Sorry we could not be there. You and Keith look very happy. Hope it will not be too long before we all meet up. x

  5. Beautiful pictures you two! We had a great time – thank you so much for including us in your celebration.

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