The e-session before the wedding shoot

So when I mention ‘engagement session’ what comes to mind? For most, I know you’re already picturing some awkward poses in a stuffy studio, with hot lights and uncomfortable clothing right? I can’t say that I blame most couples for initially resisting the idea of an engagement session, that is until I share with them what I think it should be. By far the majority of couples I work with every year haven’t spent much time in front of a professional photographer. It’s not always a natural thing to be staring down the barrel of a massive piece of glass, which is why the e-session is so important. It gives me as the photographer a chance to really get to know the couple both as friends and as photography subjects.It also gives the couple a chance to get a collection of images on a day without the pressures of time constraints, dressy clothing, and friends and family eyeballing their every move. Not to mention being able to get images from a completely different environment, in different weather, with multiple wardrobe changes.I’ve shot indoors when the mercury is pushing below the -20 range, and outside in the middle of an intense blizzard. It doesn’t really matter where, or what time of year we do the shoot, more that we spend the time together. This kind of shoot is also an option for people doing a destination wedding or who are eloping and not planning on having a professional photographer along for the ride. At last count these esession shots have been used for websites, invitations/save-the-dates, cd covers, programs, thank-you cards, and the list seems to build. Strangest so far? Jam jar label.I had so much fun with Amanda & Omeed – they are great people and it’s so obvious how in love they are. We did this shoot earlier in the spring only a few weeks before their wedding, and you never would’ve guessed it was barely above freezing! I’ll be doing the edits on their April wedding shoot this week, so expect to see these same smiling faces in full wedding day dress.


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