Lua & Cam – Wedding of the four seasons in Kelowna, B.C.

It’s hard to say exactly why, but every time I get a chance to shoot a wedding in a place I’ve never shot before it’s like Christmas. This past weekend, Lua & Cam hosted a combination retreat (Big White) & wedding (Kelowna), that was a very special experience for me. Not only did I get to explore a new geography, but I really got the chance to get to know them, their friends, and families better than I could’ve hoped.

Watching the weather forecast all well I knew we’d be in for a mixed bag  of everything mother nature could throw at us. Starting the day at over 5000 feet on Big White, we woke up to softly falling snow. By mid afternoon we were basking in warm sunshine in the heart of an apple orchard. Toss in a sprinkling of rain for good luck, and you have an idea of Saturday.Lua is a petite bride with the biggest heart you could imagine. The dress you see above is 18″ shorter than it was when she first tried it on – crazy!

Driving down from Big White was like passing from the depth of December into the lightness of early summer. Cam & the giant red apple.Needless to say, they have a fantastic sense of humour!

Lua had mentioned a few (hundred 😉 times about wanting to do some shots in front of a red wall. Sorry Lua – had to substitute doors, I hope you don’t mind.I love how the reflection on the windshield gives her a pair of ultra-modern wings!Again, with mother nature on our side, a shaft of sunlight made it way through the clouds and lit up the orchard with a bath of colour.
The day before during my scouting of the area, I was really taken by the stark contrast of the areas affected by the recent forest fires and the high desert slopes that surround Kelowna. I curiously made my way onto a dirt road and happened upon a spot that worked perfectly for some photos. Another reason having a FJ on the shoot never hurts.

Thank you again – for trusting me with such an important moment in your lives. I am in awe of the love you have for each other!


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