Elizabeth & Freddy – Invermere, BC

Four weeks ago I spent an amazing weekend out in the Windermere Valley with Elizabeth and Freddy. They really spoiled me – put me up in a beautiful condo in Radium, and put on a wedding second to none. It was a perfect follow up to the engagement session we did in Fernie, where Freddy is from. I’ve got some pictures to show now, but come back later to check out part of the video slideshow I did for them during their reception. The house they had for getting ready was perfect for shooting. I found this long hallway with tons of natural light pouring in – right through the silk fabric of her stunning dress. After she put it on, I brought her back to the doorway for a couple shots before heading off to the ceremony.They had their ceremony at Eagle Ranch in Invermere, BC – a really beautiful location and we lucked out with a blue-sky day. I loved the glow on their faces as they walked down the aisle. While still on the course, we came across this covered bridge.Taking ‘shots’ of the bridal party – a little not-so-formal.We took off from the course to a spot I had scouted the day before – I think they guys didn’t mind as long as it involved a shot with the celebratory cigars. I was shooting so fast my flash couldn’t keep up on a couple. As it turns out, I absolutely loved the surprise end result. And then on to do some fun stuff with the girls. Wish I could repeat what I said to them, but that is a secret.On the way back through the tunnel, I did  a quick portrait with Elizabeth & Freddy.I’ve always held a particular attraction to the minute details and there are a ton during the course of a wedding day. From the dress, to the shoes, to the rings. So, just a week before shooting for E&F, I picked up a special lens for shooting these kinds of shots – will be getting lots of use this summer!

If you’ve been through Radium via highway 93, you’ve probably craned your neck to see the steep walls of the canyon that is adjacent to the hot springs. I’ve always been fascinated with this natural gateway, and when I pitched them on standing in the middle of a busy highway, they couldn’t get into the way of traffic fast enough.

As soon as I got into the reception I was really taken with how great a job they did at Eagle Ranch. It was an easter wedding, so the favours couldn’t have been more appropriate.Okay, I was holding out. One last shot to wrap up this sneak. I had been driving the valley back and forth for the better part of two days, and one particular time I noticed this prominent curving knoll, with these sculpted trees. It’s on a very steep slope, but being that both Freddy and Elizabeth are no stranger to hiking I thought I’d run it by them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between ‘taking’ a picture, and ‘making’ one. You two really made this one – thank you.


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth & Freddy – Invermere, BC

  1. I’m an old friend of Freddy’s from NMU…..these pics are absolutely GORGEOUS! Congrats Freddy and Elizabeth!

  2. In some languages, I’m thinking Dutch, “make” is the standard verb for pictures (and “take in fact doesn’t exist). That setup and shot is spectacular!

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