Shayla & Brad

As soon as I got a chance to meet with Shayla & Brad I knew we would have fun at their November Banff Wedding. I had found some ruins not far from the townsite to check out and even though it had snowed the night before, Shayla was more than game to tromp through the woods in her wedding shoes (thanks!!).You never really know what to expect in early November, especially in the mountains, but I couldn’t complain with the light snow and relatively mild temperatures.After the ruins we headed off to do some shots with the boys by the lake.Brad had played baseball with with a bunch of the groomsmen and gave them each a laser engraved bat. While at the lake, I did a few more romantic shots with B&S.

We had a few extra minutes before heading back to the Banff Springs, so we hit the train station.Those of you who know me, know I have a thing for trains. If this whole photography thing doesn’t work out I might just start professionally hobo’ing. After getting some shots by the tracks, we headed back to the hotel. There’s really nothing quite like the ‘springs (if you’ve never been). And on to the party…Thank you again Brad & Shayla – so much fun to hang out with you guys and your friends!


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