Lyndsey & Phil (& Isla)

I love the opportunity to work with a couple as they approach the birth of their first child. The energy I felt coming from Phil and Lyndsey was really special. The first series of images we did at my studio, and the second (with Isla) we did in their home. I have to say that the individual shot of Lyndsey kneeling and cradling her belly is one of my favourites.


One thought on “Lyndsey & Phil (& Isla)

  1. I am absolutely astounded by the beauty and attention to detail in all of your photography!! I believe I know “Freddy”- what wonderful photo’s. I would like to know what kind of professional training you have if any and do you do family pictures? I without a doubt have never seen such a talented photographer – it is clear you have found your passion – it is in every photo you take. I especially love the photo’s of the rings, but all the photo’s are overwhelmingly beautiful from the lighting to the color to the details. Absolutely astounding!! I would like to have some photo’s done of my three children – please contact me if this is something you do.

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