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Shannon & Mark – Amazing fall wedding in Calgary

Picture this: A man named Mark gets engaged to a woman named Shannon. Just so happens they get a referral to speak to a photographer by the name of Mark Shannon. Coincidence? I think not! I really had to do a double take when their inquiry came in – and throughout both our Sage-supported engagement session and during the course of their wedding day, hearing ‘Mark’ & ‘Shannon’ had me feeling like my head was on a swivel. These are the kind of people that you love being around – very creative, and incredibly positive, and simply a treat to get to know. You could tell a lot of thought went into their wedding, with rich fall colours throughout, and attention to detail at every turn. The ceremony, held at Shannon terrace in Fish Creek Park, was very personal and beautiful, officiated by a close personal friend of Shannon & Mark’s – Abby Charchun (who just happens to be a bride I got to shoot just last year). I think their ring bearer did his best, and just about succeeded in stealing the show! We did the photos close by the ceremony venue, and in the adjacent forest, before heading off to the reception. Again, walking into the room you could tell it was going to be a special evening, with the music provided by Musical Twist DJ’s. Knowing that Mark was an accomplished chef, I knew the food supplied by Devour Catering (his former employer) would be second to none – needless to say I was not disappointed. Both Shannon and Mark had planned some performances for each other, Mark with some beat poetry, and Shannon with a song (with backup vocals provided by the entire bridal party). It was a spectacular day, and I really feel lucky that everything aligned so that I could be there to capture the opening of the next chapter of their lives together.  _D7X9683 _D3X9554 _D7X9752 _D3X9638 _D3X9602 _D3X9472 _D3X9517 _D3X9865 _D3X9903 _D3X9957 _D3X0050 _D3X0031 _D7X9935 _D3X0262 _D3X0328 _D7X0187 _D3X0374 _D3X0405 _D3X0577 _D7X0081 _D7X0142 _D3X0659_D3X0931 _D3X0763_D3X0872 _D3X0997 _D3X0973 _D3X1089 _D3X1136 _D3X1395 _D3X1403 _D3X1433 _D3X1660 _D7X0266 _D7X0539 _D7X9866

Courtney & Owen – Rainforest Wedding in Tofino, BC


There’s something truly magical about the west coast. I have felt the draw to head over the rocky mountains and to the rocky shores of BC ever since I was young. I lived on Vancouver Island for 6 years, and there is definitely part of me that never leaves the island when I left for Calgary so many years ago. When Courtney and Owen mentioned that they were planning a wedding in Tofino I had a hard time holding back my excitement. Even though hopping on a plane would’ve saved some time no doubt, I savoured every kilometre of the drive, the ferry, and then the twisty highway that leads across the island from Port Alberni to the picturesque town of Tofino on the west coast. Being the rainforest, it definitely lived up to it’s reputation on the wedding day save for a couple precious hours when we were out to do photos. I couldn’t believe our luck, walking outside mere minutes after buckets of water were falling from the sky, to see bright sunshine and blue skies. The attention to detail at their wedding was amazing – you could tell a lot of thought had been put into every personal touch. After running around with the crew for photos, we returned for the reception, capped off by a beautiful display of fireworks launched from the beach. Whoever came up with the idea of playing the theme song from ‘Reading Rainbow’ during the cake cutting, brilliant! I loved every minute of that trip, their wedding day, and relish the thought of heading back out to the coast for the next adventure. _D7X8696 _D3X5876 _D3X5563 _D3X5625 _D3X5830 _D3X5946 _D7X8242 _D3X5963 _D3X6082 _D7X8203 _D3X6100 _D3X6398 _D3X6438 _D3X6521 _D3X6694 _D3X6738 _D3X6744 _D7X8111 _D3X6796 _D3X6849 _D3X6896 _D3X6925 _D3X7010 _D3X7123 _D3X7198 _D7X8771 _D3X7617 _D3X7508 _D3X7560 _D7X8841 _D3X7890 _D3X8095 _D7X8939 _D7X8961

Amrita & Avneet – Luxurious Sikh Wedding in Calgary

It was a year and a half ago that I first heard from Amrita & Avneet about their wedding. From our first communication and my experiences covering Sikh weddings, I knew this would be an amazing event. When we met up to discuss what kind of photography coverage they were looking for, I was already seeing beautiful vibrant coloured saris, ornate jewelry, family gathering from all over the world, music, non-stop dancing, and special ceremonies that have taken place for thousands of years. For the uninitiated, a Sikh wedding is truly a feast for all of your senses. As a photographer, it is a treat to say the least – and Amrita & Avneet’s wedding week did not disappoint. I spent five straight days with them at their homes, with their families, and at the gurdwara for their formal ceremony. Many thanks to Steve Dutcheshen for coming along as the very talented second photographer on this massive undertaking. There were lots of laughs, some tears, and memories I won’t soon forget. The following images took place over two of the five days – witnessing the opening of the next chapter for this incredible couple. I can’t wait to see what Ricky and his team from Videogenic put together from the footage captured along the way. A huge thank you to the family for making me feel so welcome during the week, and for helping things move along so smoothly._D3X2791 _D3X2224 _D3X2447 _D3X2322 _D3X2339 _D3X2607 _D3X3070 _D3X3161 _D3X3249 _D3X3365 _D3X3481 _D3X3503 _D3X3886 _D3X4046 _D3X4141 _D3X4245 _D3X4388 _D3X4701 _D3X4793 _D3X4885 _D3X4994

And after such an incredible day, things began anew Saturday afternoon at the hotel…_D3X5062 _D3X5067 _D3X5084 _D3X5092 _D3X5101 _D3X5155 _D3X5166 _D3X5167 _D3X5236 _D3X5238 _D3X5256 _D3X5293 _D3X5308 _D3X5330 _D3X5344 _D3X5378 _D3X5392 _D3X5440 _D3X5456 _D3X5461 _D3X5474 _D3X5519 _D3X5566 _D3X5580 _D3X5588 _D3X5652 _D7X4786 _D7X4830 _D7X5419 _D7X5447 _D7X5499 _D7X5511 _D7X5514 _D7X5522 ND8_3204 ND8_3229 ND8_3244 ND8_3266 ND8_3302 ND8_3319 ND8_3325 _D3X5728 ND8_3414 ND8_3572 ND8_3605 ND8_3752 ND8_3759 ND8_3807

Carol & Jamie – Kananaskis Engagement Session

Had a fantastic time shooting in the mountains the other day with Jamie & Carol – just a sample of the shots below!_D7X7910 _D3X5314 _D7X7997 _D7X7845 _D7X7825 _D3X5433 _D3X5241 _D3X4685 _D3X4757 _D3X4854 _D3X4900 _D3X4963 _D3X5123 _D3X4663 _D3X4557 _D3X4480 _D3X4433 _D3X5190 _D3X4395

Holly & Chris – Beautiful Cochrane Ranche House Wedding

It’s pretty rare that a wedding goes off exactly as planned. Sometimes it could be something little such as slightly mismatched socks. Other times, you could find yourself shopping for bridesmaids dresses on the day of the wedding because the ones you had custom made weren’t completed in time. Yes – that’s the situation that Holly & Chris faced the morning of their wedding, and with the help of their bridal party they pulled it off. I couldn’t believe how well Holly & girls handled it – nothing could hold this group back from what ended up being a fantastic wedding & reception! It was a bit of mad dash to get everybody together, dressed, and to the ceremony close to the planned start time. It was a beautiful Saturday out in Cochrane, and following the ceremony we did some shots on site, down by the small stream, in the forest, and then off to another location I had scouted with just the newlyweds. Returning to the reception, they had some very heartfelt speeches, a surprise beer keg delivery, and the groom’s brother pulling a triple shift as MC, groomsman, and DJ. I loved getting to spend the time with these two – picking up right where we left off from the engagement session we did out near Radium BC. _D3X0105 _D3X8604 _D3X8526 _D3X8733 _D3X0061 _D3X0231 _D3X0373 _D3X0383 _D3X0487 _D3X0524 _D3X0571 _D3X9087 _D3X9118 _D3X9428 _D3X9465 _D3X9507 _D3X9879 _D3X9962 _D7X4641 _D7X4659 _D7X4751 _D7X4782 _D7X4869 _D7X4933 _D7X5267

Prenatal shoot in Edworthy Park


A handful of the shots I did with Clare & Steve the other day – so excited to meet their little one!!
_D3X3140 _D3X3488 _D3X3421 _D3X3293 _D3X3308 _D3X3256

Lacey & Adam – September Engagement Session

I just had to post a few from the engagement session I did with Lacey & Adam the other week – an amazing couple I got to know almost a year ago in Mexico. Their wedding next summer is definitely going to be a blast!!
_D3X4157 _D3X3518 _D3X3779 _D3X3548 _D3X3718 _D3X3818 _D3X3753_D3X4347 _D3X3877 _D3X3983 _D3X4097 _D3X4134 _D3X4225 _D3X4238 _D3X4245_D3X4070 _D7X7627 _D7X7635 _D3X3699 _D7X7668 _D7X7672 _D7X7756


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