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Sledding Shoot in the BC backcountry near Golden

_D3X0691 _ND88177 _D3X0785 _D3X0540 _D3X0652 _D3X0673 _D3X0821 _D3X1019 _D3X1069 _D3X1197 _ND88006 _ND88051 _D3X0571 _ND88151 Panorama3What an amazing way to start off the month of April – only fool was the one who wasn’t out enjoying the mountains that day! Had an incredible day shooting for Rocky Mountain Riders based at Kicking Horse Mountain Ski resort in Golden, BC

Ashley & Mike – Winter Esession in Banff

It’s always a great day when you have to head out to the mountains to shoot – be it for the ski hills, scouting new locations, for a commercial client, or on this day for Ashley & Mike. We lucked out and had a fairly mild morning to run around the quaint town of Banff, getting out on the ice and away from the town to capture a handful of pictures for this wonderful couple. Ashley has been in front of my camera before as part of a bridal party, but it was the first time with Mike. I loved their suggestion of bringing out ice skates for a few pictures followed by a warm coffee and stroll down the main avenue. It will be great to see them again, only this time as they prepare to tie the knot!DSC_6604 DSC_6328 DSC_6334 DSC_6343 DSC_6351 DSC_6425 DSC_6506 DSC_6434 DSC_6680 _D3X6717 _D3X6726 _D3X6777 DSC_6643 DSC_6729 DSC_6742 DSC_6776 DSC_6850 _D3X6791 _D3X6804 _D3X6860

In her shoes…


Of all the detail shots I capture on a wedding day, I have to admit that my absolute favourite is the one of the shoes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of red-soled Laboutin’s or a comfy pair of Chuck Taylors, the shoes chosen by a bride speak volumes about their personality and always provide a great opportunity for an image. The shoes set the foundation of the gorgeous woman above, and give her that little something extra on her wedding day. I love the craftsmanship that goest into each pair – with a countless assortment of materials from leathers, to beading, to sequins, to metals, and even jewels. High heels at a Jamaican beach wedding? Why not! Flip flops at the Banff Springs? Sounds great! Converse high tops at Emerald Lake Lodge? Bring ‘em on! Until the next pair of heels finds their way in front my lens, here’s a few favourites from the last few years…
_D7X0043 _D3X0428 _D3X0695 _D3X0702 _D3X2272 _D3X1035 _D3X2439 _D3X2704 _D3X3675 _D3X3688 _D3X4533 _D7X2744 _D3X6146 _D3X6450 _D3X6470 _D3X6526 _D3X6535 _D3X6536 _D3X7442 _D3X7447 _D3X7496 _D3X7696 _D3X8122 _D3X8129 _D3X8146 _D3X8397 _D3X8687 _D3X8692 _D3X9355 ND8_3245 _D3X9359 _D3X9363 _D3X9448 _D3X9472 _D3X9497 DSC_1457 _D3X9526 _D3X9614 _D7X0485 _D7X0638 _D7X1235 _D7X1882 _D7X2743 _D3X7525 _D7X4872 _D7X4896 _D7X4909 _D7X6813 _D7X7283 _D7X8242 _D7X9074 _M113737 _M113746 _M117649 DSC_1454 KateJonWedding-3 KateJonWedding-4 MoniqueAndrew-305-2 ND8_0246 ND8_0255 TAWedding-132 TAWedding-135 ND8_3244

Alison & Jay – Calgary Esession

With their wedding coming up right around the corner I thought I’d share a few of my favourite shots from the engagement session I did with Alison & Jay. They are such warm and genuine people that you can’t help but simply enjoy spending time with them. I can’t wait to be there to capture their March wedding day – I know it’s going to be amazing!!_D7X9512 _D7X9475 _D3X8711 _D3X8844 _D3X8771 _D3X8915 _D3X8932 _D3X8938 _D3X9006 _D3X9017 _D7X9575 _D3X9055 _D3X9084 _D3X9117 _D3X9172 _D3X9192 _D3X9248 _D3X9328 _D7X9337 _D7X9416

2013 – (What a) Year in Review

As 2013 drew to a close I found myself looking back at one of the most incredible years. Again, I was lucky to be witness to so many beautiful weddings, and get to meet countless amazing and inspiring people. Every single wedding was one of a kind, and with each picture I captured there are wonderful memories I cherish. I logged a lot of miles both on the ground, on the water, and especially in the air. In May, my wife and I were on our honeymoon with stops in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and reaching Everest Base Camp. We were treated to a blizzard at 18,000′ on Cho-La pass followed by a spectacular morning walk along the Gokyo Lakes. I wasn’t even home for 72 hours before hopping back on a plane to Jamaica for a destination wedding shoot. After returning from the beaches, we again were on the move, this time to Italy for a very special wedding shoot just south of Florence. Before going home, we made one stop at Cinque Terre – a place that I can’t wait to get back to! Back in Calgary for a few weeks, then again I was heading across the Atlantic ocean, this time stopping in Iceland en-route to a shoot in Norway. I’d never been to that area of the world, and was treated to a very unique Norwegian wedding with roots going back to the vikings. With camera in hand, I was also in British Columbia numerous times, up north for my annual steelhead fishing trip, shooting at the luxurious Minette Bay Lodge, and getting as far west as Tofino for a wedding this fall. I was hoping for sunshine, but couldn’t believe the window of amazing light that waited for us in between the ceremony and reception. Stories, images, emotions, sunsets blending into sunrise and the next adventure awaits. Wherever this finds you, I hope that 2014 is an incredible year, the very best one yet. Without further delay, and in no particular order, here are just a few of the images that found their way onto my camera sensor that now reside in my mind & heart.ND8_9179 _D3X0105 _D3X0287 _D3X0577 _D3X0641 _D3X0487 _D3X0852 _D3X0872 _D3X1416 _D3X2273 _D3X2427 _D3X2956 _D3X3110 _D3X3167 _D3X4037 _D3X4259 _D3X4381 _D3X4388 _D3X5123 _D3X5344 _D3X5796 _D3X5925 _D3X6438 _D3X6713 _D3X6896 _D3X6916 _D3X7299b _D3X7376 _D3X7403 _D3X8274 ND8_2210 _D3X9472 _D3X9811 _D3X9957 _D7X0081 _D7X0375 _D7X0819 2 _D7X3658 _D7X3922 _D7X4298 _D7X4869 _D7X5511 _D7X5673 _D7X6049b _D7X6526 _D7X7383 _D7X8077 _D7X8841 _D7X8927 DSC_4154b GokyoPanorama IMG_1392 ND8_0633 ND8_0705 ND8_0883 ND8_2182 ND8_2221 ND8_2558 ND8_2656 ND8_2811 ND8_3096 ND8_4045 ND8_4100 ND8_4352 ND8_4504 ND8_4655 ND8_5497 ND8_6830b ND8_8681 ND8_8749b ND8_8855 ND8_9054 ND8_9266 ND8_9315 ND8_9416 prayerstoneB ND8_9285 _D3X6960

Justyna & Bryan – Destination Wedding in Tuscany, Italy


One of my favourite presents this year arrived in the form of an invitation to join Justyna & Bryan in Italy to shoot their wedding. If you haven’t been, it’s one of those countries you immediately fall in love with. Buzzing through the twisty roads south of Florence in a peppy little Alfa Romeo is something everybody should get to experience. We arrived there a few days before the wedding, allowing us some time to head out to the coast, and scout the locations closer to where the wedding was taking place. Pulling up to the Castello di Montegufoni I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had chosen such a phenomenal place to tie the knot that I fear my words won’t do proper justice to describe what it was like. Walking through the massive wooden doors, past the thick stone walls, and into the courtyard was like walking back in time a thousand years. Just to think that this building had witnessed generations of families, battles, and changes to the world outside left me in a state of semi-daydreaming. On the morning of their wedding I went to join the girls getting ready adjacent to the impressive Italian garden. Many laughs were shared, more than a few tears of joy, and the odd glass of bubbly (and the even ones as well) made the rounds. Between the best friends and close family, there was love everywhere. I felt the same going to capture a few images of the groom getting ready with his brother, and best friends. We did the pre-ceremony reveal in a room that had a rich history and even more ornate decor. Getting to witness Justyna seeing Bryan for the first time, and him seeing her, is something I won’t ever forget. When a couple looks at each other they way they look at each other, you know you’re watching something truly magical. We did a few shots in and around the castle, then packed into the cars and headed off to the locations I had found earlier that week. Getting back to the castle, we had a bit of time before making our way to the courtyard ceremony. Beautiful surrounding, soft music coming off the harp, and the scent of the Tuscan countryside mixing with the sweet scent of roses all made for a memorable experience. From the ceremony we moved over to the reception room, and following the delicious dinner, hilarious and heartfelt speeches, we then were led down to a cellar for the party & dancing. I loved every minute of the trip, and will forever be thankful that Justyna & Bryan put their trust in me to capture this once in a lifetime wedding.¬†_D3X7133 ND8_0275 _D3X7107 ND8_0309 ND8_0344 ND8_0181 ND8_0255 _D3X7182 ND8_0354 _D3X7151 _D3X7308 _D3X7364 _D3X7370 ND8_0433 _D3X7416 ND8_0442 _D3X7432 ND8_0472 ND8_0480 ND8_0485 ND8_0518 _D3X7451 ND8_0592 ND8_0594 ND8_0532 ND8_0618 ND8_0633 _D3X7476 _D3X7512 _D3X7533 _D3X7583 _D3X7693 _D3X7712 _D3X7800 _D3X7848 _D3X7909 _D3X8002 _D3X8371 ND8_0705 ND8_0776 ND8_0871 ND8_0883 ND8_0940 ND8_1034 ND8_1081 ND8_1119 ND8_1138 ND8_1157 ND8_1183 ND8_1202 ND8_1214 ND8_1260 _D3X8088 ND8_1281 ND8_1946 ND8_1361 ND8_1374 ND8_1477 ND8_1545 _D3X8115 ND8_1596 ND8_1735b ND8_1841 _D3X8075 _D3X8120 ND8_2051 ND8_1882 ND8_2090

2013-2014 Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew


One of my favourite shoots to do every year is with the NHL Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew – also known as the Big Country Ice Crew. I had been thinking of a few different shoot concepts that would work well this this energetic and fun group, and knew I had made up my mind when this particular idea took root. Like any commercial shoot, there was a lot of planning that happened in advance, testing different lighting techniques, building the required props, and securing access to facilities and coordinating tight schedules. It was a fair bit of work, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. I had a blast working with them, but I definitely wasn’t working alone on this project. A huge thanks to Ryan for subjecting himself to a shower of sparks and lighting dozens and dozens of sparklers, and for being my extra set of hands and eyes at the shoot. Also, I’d like to thank Madd Pretty for doing a fantastic job of making sure the crew looked their very best in the makeup chair. Also, I couldn’t have pulled this off without the help and support of the Calgary Flames employees (especially Greger), ¬†Scotiabank Saddledome, and the Ice maintenance crew. Finally – thank you to all the beautiful and fun women from the Fire & Ice crew!!ND8_2558 ND8_2469 ND8_2414 ND8_2450 ND8_2238 ND8_2287 ND8_2477 ND8_2656 ND8_2255 ND8_2503 ND8_2372 ND8_2550 ND8_2339 ND8_2324 ND8_2209 ND8_2395 ND8_2569 ND8_2581 ND8_2811 ND8_2602 ND8_2621 ND8_2655 ND8_2709 ND8_2679 ND8_2689 ND8_2716 ND8_2739 ND8_2565 ND8_2760 ND8_2771 ND8_2783 ND8_2799 ND8_2805 ND8_2815 ND8_2561


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